Thursday, 15 October 2009

Green Lantern, Magneto

I'm a massive fan of comics, especially anything superhero related by Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Alex Ross and many many others. I have a real soft spot for heroes wearing the costumes they are famous for, I'm not keen on the 'Matrix-ising' of everyone into boring black leather/ PVC outfits (yes, X-Men, I'm talking about you) - yawn!

I've always liked Magnetos purple and red costume, it's so ridiculous for a man planning to rule the world... and yet it always looked really cool - the studs on his shoulders, holes in his gloves and boots and that spikey helmet, so silly yet sooooo cool.

So I tried rendering him out in a realistic manner using 3DSMax and Photoshop - here was the result:

I think he looks great, I certainly wouldn't mess with him.

The Green Lantern is a character I've been getting back into recently - before all the 'Blackest Night' and Green Lantern movie stuff kicked off - I liked the idea of an interplanetary police force staffed by a variety of aliens, I'm a sci-fi fan at heart, after all!

Here's the Green Lantern in a realistic style:

I think these characters hold up really well when interpreted literally into a realistic style, if only Hollywood thought the same. They could always use me to develop projects for them ;)

I take some of that back - some films stay faithful to their source, cases in point: Superman (1978), Batman Begins (2005), Spider Man (2002) and Iron Man (2007) - some of the best and most fun superhero films I've seen (and they're all called ---man, weird).

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  1. you create very cool characters, like your blog alot